Step 1: Find Your Latitude and Longitude Coordinates

*map works best in google chrome, safari, and firefox

Enter the address

Enter your address in the box to the right and click search. The map should center on your address with the pointer at, or near, the exact location. If the location is close, move on to the next step. If the address does not appear anywhere on the map then try entering your address in a different format. See far right for examples.

Fine tune the position.

If the pointer is near the longitude and latitude you are looking for then you can click-and-drag the marker to the exact location. Not all streets are marked on Google Maps (click the "Satellite" or "Hybrid" button on the top right to actually see the buildings). If you zoom in far enough you will see that you can even find the coordinates of each area of a building. Once you are satisfied with the pin location on the map, scroll down to begin filling out the order form.

Submit your full street address and zip code:

Address formats:
  • 90 Any Street, 02879
  • 90 Any Street, Unit B, Anytown, RI
  • 90 Any Street, Anytown, Rhode Island


Step 2. Order your personalized Plaque

Please fill out your name, email address, your plaque's street address, city and zip.We will convert the decimal coordinates to the traditional minutes/degrees coordinates that will appear on the plaque for you!


Double check that the coordinates are accurate and then continue on to our secure checkout.

*These fields are required as well as checkmark on Captcha


Have a Question or Need Some Help?

If you have any questions or need some assistance, please call us at:
401-788-0000 or email at:

Plaque Prices

Size Cost
Regular (4" x 36") $325
Small (3" x 24") $250
Large (5.5" x 46") $495


Destination Cost
Continental US FREE
Alaska, Hawaii and International Call for Price